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Your Preteen or Teen Sabbath School student can use the weekly Guide Magazine!  Click HERE to download your issue and activities.  Subscriptions have been FREE during Covid-19.  Sabbath School curriculums can be seen and downloaded at sites noted below for the 2022 4th Quarter. 

Gracelink #  for 11/26/22



 You can find the 13th Sabbath School offering TIN CAN COVER to help you save; it's about Dorcas's faithfulness!  https://rb.gy/9nxahr

Adult Sabbath School curriculums are HERE.   Follow along here weekly. THEY ARE FREE!

Note:  The Children's Message Videos used during services come from the Adventist Church's GraceLink.net Primary web site. This is their website if you would like to explore the site: 


All SDA Children and Youth Sabbath School weekly curriculums are found HERE.  YES, THEY ARE FREE!


Do you know about Joseph Bates?  Fid his story here. Copy and paste this article from adventist review: 



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