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Today's Health Message: It's not just H2O!  “Water is the best liquid possible to cleanse the tissues…. Drink some, a little time before or after a meal.”—Ellen G. White, Healthful Living, p. 226. It goes without saying that water is an especially important part of any diet and lifestyle.



 We don't always have the opportunity to watch the children's Gracelink videos these as part of the Sabbath Service- Please feel free to watch the below episode for the Sabbath School lesson, 3rd Quarter.  It's called "Better than Gold".  Gracelink.net is the SDA church's official Children's Sabbath School Ministry.

IF we don't get to play it, you can watch it here below. 


Your Preteen or Teen Sabbath School student can use the weekly Guide Magazine!  Click HERE to download your issue and activities.  Subscriptions have been FREE during Covid-19.  Sabbath School curriculums can be seen and downloaded at sites noted below

Adult Sabbath School curriculums are HERE.   Follow along here weekly. THEY ARE FREE!

Note:  The Children's Message Videos used during service come from the following web site.  Parents of Youngsters 0-9 years old -

All SDA Children and Youth Sabbath School weekly curriculums are found HERE.  YES, THEY ARE FREE!

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