what's all this stuff about copyright??? Here is a great Video article from Mid-America Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Hear ye, Hear ye, learn all about it!!! 

What's Our mission?

In the Wickford Church, there are may ways to communicate with members and for outreach.  Encourage members to serve in this important ministry!  What can you do to support the spread of the Gospel?  Is God speaking to you?  

  1.  Website development and upkeep in a timely fashion
  2. Update current ministry events and meetings on calendars page
  3. Keep up to date with current events on FB FaceBook.  
  4. Accurate reporting
  5. Church Services:  provide visual services, lyrics, Bible Verses, pictures, backgrounds content to go onto computer to TV Screens.
  6. Audio Visual team manage the Sound boards, music
  7. Plan for who will do special Music each week
  8. Prayer meetings and Bible Studies help friends and members feel connected to God and to each other.  


    How the Communications department serve the SDA Church:

    • Distribute news and information to union, conferences, educational institutions, health systems, and constituents through eNewsletter (NewsPoints), Web sites, magazines, social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr) and other venues
    • Conduct public media relations campaigns for ministry initiatives
    • Develop strategic publicity about the Adventist Church in North America
    • Build a network of Adventist news professionals willing to volunteer to support the media relations work throughout NAD
    • Develop materials for use by local church communication leaders
    • Facilitate the Communication Internship Program
    • Develop resources for use by local church communication leaders
    • Assist with crisis communication management


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