Missionary Ministry, North Kingstown

The first meeting of our Wickford Missionary Meeting at Church was held on 7/29/21.

The following were the main points that we discussed :

  1. Do we want to have more people in our Church and Why?

  2. How should the Missionary Ministry serve the church?


The following were some of the main responses to the above points:

  -We need just enough younger willing  men and women that can fill in the roles of our older active men and women.

  -We could be the group, Missionary Ministry , that provide encouragement and inspiration to the existing Church Ministries to do activities that will involve the community.

  -We learnt from our conference missionary training that each ministry could target a particular segment within the community - eg getting to know who live in that segment of the community and the type of needs that exist there.

  -Not all people have the interest or desire to engage the people within the community and so the activities we do should keep in mind the appropriate approach to fit people to the right  roles.


Note for consideration:

No one can add more people to our Church, We have to depend on the power of the Holy Spirt to draw the Willing men and Women of our Community  to us. Doing everything in our grasp is our  responsibility He will do the rest.

No one will be pressured  into participating in Missionary. As the Holy Spirt Leads if there is something that has sparked your interest investigation and see if it your right fit.    


Next Meeting will be last Thursday in August 27,2021