Saturday 7/31/21,  Ray Carlson will be preaching about the "Safety of Abiding in the Presence of God".  Join us this Sabbath (Saturday)!

Sunday 8/1/21 is scheduled our Mount Monadnock Hike. It's one of the worlds' most hiked mountains we are told!

Sunday 8/8/21 we will host a "Drive-Request" Drive through with optional Health Blood pressure check, from 9:00am to 12:pm.



The Chinle Indian Church in the Navajo Nation is a ministry this church supports quarterly.  They are also doing outreach with "Diné Adventist Radio." 


Prayer line on Friday Evenings time has been officially changed to 8:00 PM for the rest of Spring, Summer and early Autumn. *****  We have multiple families going through a time of health hardships.  Please remember to pray.

Wednesday Evenings Bible Study  = 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


               Meeting ID:508086858

               Password: 101844

Phone : (929) 205-6099  

 Meeting ID: 508 086 858 #  

Password: 101844 #

We are hoping to soon resume meeting at church!  Info to follow


Overall Church occupation has been increased to allow for full occupancy of up to 200 individuals inside and up to 250 individuals outside gatherings. For our Church the Safety committee recommends that we can remove our masks while at Church. Social distance has been reduced to 3 foot separation.  Please see all the Safety Committee's recommendations under the Ministries Link @ the bottom of the page.

Did you miss last week's service?  You can watch it on our Facebook page.  Look for the link.


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We want you to get the right answers!  Drop a note and write to us at  We will work on getting you the answers you need.

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Did you miss last week's service?  Look for the link on our Facebook page.


Offering Schedule  shows the 2021 OFFERING Schedule along with the Stewardship Offering Reading.

  • "ONLINE Giving" is available for your Tithes and Offerings.  See our Home-Page information.
  • You will find an extensive selection of videos emphasizing various offerings by visiting the following website:
  • Bringing Tithes and Offerings in person (When church is open for services)
  • Snail-Mail  Checks (not cash) with Attention: Church Treasurer,  Linette McClure to the below address:
  •  PO Box 41, N. Kingstown, RI 02852  

Prayer Phone Line on Friday Evenings now changed to 8:00pm-8:30pm or later. Call  (1-605-313-4820). Dial-in CODE is (499954) then hit # sign to confirm. 


  • Have you been praying: 

  •    ... with your assigned prayer partner?  

  •    ... with your family?

  •    ... for our church and community?

  •    ... for local, state and federal leaders for wisdom through these health issues?

  •    ... for folks to turn to God? 


  • Need help memorizing Revelation 14:6,7?  This song will help!

      ❤️ "Hide It In Your Heart "Ministries

Have you heard of the "Remedy Bible"? It's published by "Come & Reason" ministries and is a New Testament expanded paraphrase by Tim Jennings, MD.  Find it for mobile devices on Google Play or Apple iTunes App stores.


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