See Bulletin Friday evening for information about Sabbath Service.   Mission Story at  9:45, Sabbath School following through 11:15.  Sabbath services start at 11:30. The Topic will be "The Most Complicated Trickshot Ever"!  You will enjoy it!

Prayer Phone Line on Friday Evenings now changed to 7:00pm-7:30pm. Call  (1-605-313-4820). Dial-in CODE is (499954) then hit # sign to confirm. 


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  • There is never any financial requirement for participation in our church! If you desire to return tithes and offerings, you may do so by:
  • Clicking on the "online giving" option at the top of this page.
  • Bringing them by the church in person
  • Mail to: Wickford SDA Church 8050 Post Road, N. Kingstown RI 02852.   




Have you been praying: 

  •    ... with your assigned prayer partner?  

  •    ... with your family?

  •    ... for our church and community?

  •    ... for local, state and federal leaders for wisdom through these health issues?

  •    ... for folks to turn to God? 

A new book  called "The Called...the Chosen" comes highly recommended by Ted N.C. Wilson, Serving President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Download your PDF  English copy here or your PDF Spanish copy here.  Print copies have been ordered as well for you.


The new "Atlantic Union Gleaner" is here!  Timely news!


Looking for a Hymnal Song?  Check out this website.  It has the "SDA Hymnal" along with the expanded version, the "He Is Our Song" (Rainbow Book) Hymnal and more.


Scripture Songs from "Hide It In Your Heart" ministry.  This latest one 9/5/2020 is called “THE LORD IS WITH YOU!” Scripture Song - Joshua 1:9


A new Sabbath resource for Children is here. Be sure to check out this 

new interactive website called A Place to Do Something.


Got questions about life?

The really BIG question is: What happens to us when we die.  Read this article and you will be comforted.

 We want you to get the right answers!  Drop a note and write to us at  We will work on getting you the answers you need.


Go to for some GREAT resources!

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Watch the Hope Channel, the Official Channel of the Adventist Church.


Amazing Facts is, well, amazing!  Click the PLAY button to watch Amazing Facts Live when you get to the site.


Pastor Mark Finley has a wonderful ministry.  Watch or listen here!


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For a list of links to various types and styles of Bible study – in the form of online Bible studies, a newsletter, online videos, and printed Bible study lessons or Bible study CD ROMs available by postal mail, CLICK HERE.


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