Business meeting scheduled 2/5/23 announcing meeting on 1/28/23 & 2/4/23


As a church, we must have goals to share the Gospel! Have you heard of KPI, or Key Performance Indicators? It's a way to focus our goals, do some planning and work, then find out if our methods are working or not. We can always improve what we are doing, right? Let's TALK about it, and God BLESS you! 


Here's a message from SNEC President Folkenberg about our shared unity.   See SNEC link


For those using the above "Online Giving" tab (which is where the above TITHE link takes you), click on the “More Offering Categories” on the e-envelope to find ministries to donate to. 


Bible Studies/Prayer Meeting at 7:00 PM. come bless Us!

on Wednesday evenings in fellowship hall.  Meeting Times 7:00 pm-8:30 pm @  church.


Call: (605) 313-4820  then use

Code: 499954 then hit the# (Pound sign). 





Adult Sabbath School is FREE online if you can't make it to church.  Don't have a Quarterly? Follow along by clicking on the links below, you can easily get your daily readings or watch the lesson.  Click either the blue or green tab; there are SO MANY OPTIONS for you!


Find Children's Gracelink here;  It's the Sabbath School for  ALL Children's lessons of the SDA and has multiple Sabbath School lessons and formats for different ages.

From the Amazing Facts Ministry:  Sign up for their free Online Bible School here!

As a church, we support the Navajo Heartland Ministry at the Chinle SDA Church.  Please donate there or to the Holbrook Indian school if desired.

We also support the Holbrook Indian School in prayer.  

    Click on Offerings Readings for this week 's message & find this weeks' Tithes and Offerings.

    SNEC Tithes and Offering schedule: 

    Adventist Mission Stories can be found here. Scroll to the week you would like to find.

    Click for >>> Mark Finley and Will Smith, some surprising lessons"Three Surprising Lessons We Can Learn From Will Smith Slap"

    While we don't currently have a Youth Pathfinder's club, their motto and law is something to memorize and take to heart. 

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