9/30/23 Church budget for Tithes, Offerings and 13th Sabbath offerings

Pastor Tom Murray will be our guest Speaker

From the Southern New England Conference this week

Treasurer & Trust Services Director


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Please come Join us for services and Potluck after services!


Member Visitation, What is it? It can be sending a note, a phone call, an email, an e-card, a text message or an in-person visit all qualify as this.  Make it a goal to reach out to someone in the church or visitors each week to keep in touch, ok? 


Bible Studies/Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM. come bless Us!

Join us by Zoom if you can't come in person on Wednesday evenings in fellowship hall.  Meeting Times 7:00 pm-8:30 pm @  church.

Zoom meeting account. https://us06web.zoom.us/j/7089694864?pwd=L2xUc3FSc0ptVURZaXl5M0FhenF3UT09

Meeting ID: 708 969 4864.  Passcode: c9zgdc

Call: (605) 313-4820  then use

Code: 499954 then hit the# (Pound sign). 







 Don't have a Quarterly study booklet? Follow along by clicking on the links below, you can easily get your daily readings or watch the lessons & Click on the app below

Find Children's Gracelink here;  It's the Sabbath School for  ALL Children's lessons of the SDA and has multiple Sabbath School lessons and formats for different ages. Below is lesson 14

From the Amazing Facts Ministry:  Sign up for their free Online Bible School here!

Use this THINK acronym to help guide us with conversations

T…  is is true?

H … is it Helpful?

I…   is it inspiring?

N… is it necessary?

K… is it kind?

Join Zoom Meetings. We have our account. https://us06web.zoom.us/j/7089694864?pwd=L2xUc3FSc0ptVURZaXl5M0FhenF3UT09

Meeting ID: 708 969 4864

Passcode: c9zgdc

As a church, we support the Navajo Heartland Ministry at the Chinle SDA Church.  Please donate there or to the Holbrook Indian school if desired.  

We also support the Holbrook Indian School in prayer.  


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