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June 23, 2018

 9:45 am                                                Sabbath School                                                 

Superintendent’s Remarks                                                                                                           Maggie Dunder
Mission Emphasis                                                                                                                      Mission Spotlight        
Bible Study  Lesson*                                       Babylon and Armageddon                                        Larry Dunder
                                               *April - June 2018   Preparation for the End Time                            
Adult Class                                             (meets in the Sanctuary)                                               Larry Dunder
Primary and beginner class                 (downstairs, 1st  door on left)        Denise McFarland
Youth/Young Adult Class (downstairs in Fellowship Hall)                                       
10:50-11:00 AM                                           Preparation for Service            
Praise Music                                                                 Praise Team            
Announcements:                                                 Elder                      
  • Happy Sabbath!  Welcome!   “I am the light of the world.     He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”  John 8:12.
  • Camp Meeting!   June 22-30!   Yes, it is true!   Camp Meeting has started.  Please pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all the speakers and upon all those attending  the seminars.  Go to:  sneconline.org   for seminar schedule.   
  • Tuesdays @ 7:30 PM: Teleconference Prayer Circle:  Don’t miss the opportunity to support one another and receive a blessing. Call (641) 715-3274 Code: 499954 # (Pound sign).   Keep prayer going!!!
  • Mid-week prayer meeting, Wednesday @ noon.  Bible Marking class: "Christ's Second Coming." When, How, Where. Is there a Secret Rapture? What does the Bible say.  Come, bring a friend.
  •  Please remember our North Kingstown Food Pantry Crate in the foyer.And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said,It is more blessed to give than to receive”.  Acts 20:35.     
  • Ed Spears: Address where he is: South County Nursing & Rehab, 740 Oak Hill Rd., North Kingston, 02852. His room telephone is 401 583-3949.  Please keep Ed in prayer.  
  • Please remember all those who are missing due to health issues.     
  •  Please check out all the great youth programs available at:     snecyouth.org          
  • Please keep all our youth in your prayers. 
  • Communication Team needs more members.   See Denise McFarland for details.     
        Sunset Today: 8:24 PM                                       Next Friday:  8:24 PM
      Offering Next Week:   
               Atlantic Union Adventist Media

11:00 a.m.                                      Worship Service                                           
Introit**                                                          I Love You Lord                                        Congregation

Call to Worship                                                      Psalm 121:1-2                                               
Invocation &   Welcome                                                                                                     Larry Dunder
Opening Hymn                                    Tis Love That Makes Us Happy                             Hymnal #579
Tithes & Offering             Our Local Southern New England Conference Budget    .                   
Deacon                                                                                                                                     John Ross

Deacon                                                                                                                               Jim McFarland 

Doxology**                                        Praise God, From Whom All Blessings Flow             Hymnal #694
Praise* & Prayer of Intercession ***                                                                                     
Hymn                                                            As We Come to You in Prayer                          Hymnal #671
Response***                                               Hear Our Prayer, O Lord                                  Hymnal #684
Youth Story                                                                                                                    
Special Music                                                                                                                   
Scripture Reading                                                       John 8:31-32
Sermon                                                  "Words On A Hillside                                 Larry Dunder

Hymn of Consecration**                                Have Thine Own Way Lord                              Hymnal #567 
Benediction                                                                                                                             Larry Dunder
Postlude                                                               Selections

 * Please be Seated                                  **Please Stand                             ***Please Kneel    


 "Create in me a clean heart, O God,
And renew a steadfast spirit within me
Do not cast me away from Your presence,

                                   and do not take Your Holy Spirit from me."                                

                                                          Psalm 51:10-11 NKJV


Pastor Joseph Piresson (860)759-8132                              Email: jpiresson@me.com
Elder Joe Ewing-Chow (401)284-3131                               Clerk Robert Turner (401)782-4796
                            Treasurer Linette McClure  (401) 480-1476  (leave a message)                                                             

Church address: 8050 Post Rd, N. Kingstown, RI  02852        Phone: (401) 294-6356
Mail: PO Box 41, N. Kingstown, RI 02852   website:  www.wickfordsdachurch.org  

Please stop in for any of our Services!             

Bible Study Sabbath (Saturday) Morning at 9:45 AM
Worship Service: Sabbath (Saturday) at 11:00 AM
Bible Study Wednesday 12 Noon