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Seeking after God's wisdom? Lots of resources here!

Can't make it to Worship Services?  Sligo SDA Church in Maryland has personally invited you
to watch their LIVE services at 8:45 and 11:15AM.
Sabbath School at 10AM.  Click here to watch.

Our latest fantastic website is LifeStart Seminars for your health!  
Click here  for your free health instruction. 

PLEASE, go through to the bottom of this page to review ALL our resources!  
It's pretty extensive!

Who are Seventh-day Adventists?  Click here to find out
Please don't forget to check the prayer page, and pray for those prayer requests, and add your own!  Thanks! 

Do you have an Iphone, IPad, SmartPhone or Android device? Click here & Check out this website for lots of Apps for Adventists!!!

We've got a new Website to help understanding Daniel and Revelation!  Click here
New to the Christian faith? Check out My Way to Jesus: Click here

To watch the Seventh-day Adventist Church's official TV station, The Hope Channel,  Click here
It's available in multiple languages also!

Check out this nice new website addition to this page.
To see this new NAD website called Hope Heals, a NAD 2016 Prayer Initiative,  Click here 

To read articles from Come and Reason , Click here .

To read articles from Message Magazine, Click here
To read articles from the Southwestern Union Record, Click here
To read articles from Outlook Magazine, Click here
To read articles from Southern Tidings,  Click here

To read articles from our own Atlantic Union Gleaner, any issue,Click here
To read the
North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists GleanerNow, Click here
To learn more about United Prayer, this mini-handbook called "Praying for Rain" has it all!  Click here to take a peek at this publication from Revival and Reformation.

To watch  3ABNClick here          Click here
To watch  It Is Written,  Click here

To watch Breath of Life TV, Click here

To watch  Amazing Facts TV,  Click here

To watch Amazing Discoveries TV   Click here

To watch Amazing Discoveries Videos on Demand, Click here

To watch Faith for Today TV,  Click here

To watch GOOD NEWS TV,  Click here

To watch Better Life Broadcasting Network, Click here

To learn about the Sabbath,  Click here

To learn about 
The Ten Commandments,  Click here

To learn about Bible Prophecy and Islam,  Click here

To learn about the Emanuel Institute of Evangelism, Click here

To listen to Voice of ProphecyClick here

To read articles from Signs of the Times,  Click here

To read articles from Adventist World, Click here

To read articles from The Adventist Review,  Click here

To read articles from Guide Magazine   Click here

To read articles from Insight Magazine  Click here

To learn about Revival and Reformation,  Click here

To learn about Lifting Up JesusClick here

To view Adventist News Network on Facebook, Click here

To vist the Christian Record Services for the Blind site, Click here

To view, download or purchase GLOW (Giving Light to Our World) info or tracts, Click here

To visit the Light Bearers, Click here

To visit the Pacific Press  Adventist Printing services, Click here

To watch past episodes of It Is Written Phophecy series:
 Click here to watch any episode in the series.

To view Adventist Church Media website, Click here

To check out the Adventist Heritage website, Click here

To check out the Family Reunion Music site, Click here

Looking for a Video resource?  This great site is from Australia, Click here

To check out Between the Lines, a Jewish mind-set Christian site, Click here

Pacific Press Publishing Association offers a daily devotional. Click here to check out todays lesson.

To visit  "The Official Site of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church",  Click here

You've heard it said "Advent Source" is the place to go,
and to prove it,we're putting this web site here for you!

Click here  to help find ministry tools.

Advent Source FaceBook page found Here

Take a look at Life Talk Radio site:  Click here
It's not available yet on local radio stations, sorry.  Listen on the site below.

To listen to Oakwood University Praise WJOU 90.1 FM from Tennessee Valley, Click here

To listen to Life Talk Radio Streaming,  Click here

To listen to Adventist World Radio, Click here

From the Atlantic Union Conference, online radio stations for you:

To listen to 
Hymns and Favorites online radio, Click here

From Brazil, Radio Nuevo Tiempo  programing in Spanish and Portugese, Click here

From Andrews University, 
WAUS FM 90.7   classical music, Click here

From Chattenooga, TN, we have
Classical 90.5 WSMC Music  Click here

From Belize, listen to FaithFM Belize Eleden Click here and hit the play button

Are you traveling and need to find a church in your area?  Look no further,  Click here

Thank you Boaz Papendick for the following comprehensive list of web sites!
We've now got lots of exploring to do!